Friday, August 10, 2018

4 Places You Should Be Shopping

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is where I find my clothes and where I shop. This question would be hard to answer as a comment on Instagram, so I'm doing a whole post dedicated to 4 places I shop (aside from Walmart) - and you should, too!
JCPenney. This is not your grandma's department store, y'all. Well, if it is, give Nana some props because odds are she looks fly. For years I never shopped JCP. It was just a store I walked through to get to the rest of the mall. Consider me completely reformed. JCP is full of on-trend clothing, shoes, and accessories in a range of sizes at great prices. Even better? I rarely, if ever, pay full price for anything. Sales and coupons happen often. If you're a cardholder, there are tons of deals and rewards you can use to save even more. If you're not, just google "JCPenney coupons" while you're standing in line and I promise, something will pop up. Check out these pieces currently on the website that I love - at the time I was working on this post, all of these were on sale and under $20 with all applicable discounts and coupons! (Images taken  from

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Target. I mean honestly, who isn't in a serious relationship with that red bullseye? Target is a place where good intentions and household budgets go to die, but I say YOLO. You need those sandals, lounge pants, tank tops, and Dollar Spot coffee mugs, girl. You really do. Shopping for clothes here is a no-brainer. In particular, their plus size offerings have drastically improved. The launch of new brands and attention to inclusive fashion are a breath of fresh air. Here are three dresses on my current wish list (plus some coordinating accessories) and it makes me incredibly happy that every dress is available in plus and misses sizes. That is a BIG deal, y'all. It shouldn't be the exception, but since it is, let's applaud Target for making huge strides in fashion for ALL. (Images taken from

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Old Navy. I have to put them on this list because I shop here frequently, but I can admit sometimes I get frustrated with Old Navy. It seems like their plus size items are always a bit more expensive than their misses items. But I'm willing to accept it because they have so many things to choose from and always have a mix of classic pieces and whatever is of-the-moment. Despite any price irritations, you can always count on Old Navy to have great sales so there are definitely bargains to be found no matter your size. Here's a little tip if you have size 11 ski boats for feet like me - the website has most shoes in 11 even though the store only carries up to a 10! (Images taken from

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Plus camo jacket
Plus suede moto jacket
Plus denim jacket
Plus tassel tie swing top
Plus polka dot tie top
Prosecco and Pizza tee
Blush bow wedges
Leopard driving loafters
Black mule
Mustard flats
Blush sneakers
Brown leather tote
Mauve saddle bag
Mustard yellow crossbody bag
Olive leather strap tote

Loft. It wasn't long ago that I couldn't even entertain the idea of shopping at Loft even though I think their clothes are fabulous. They just didn't carry my size. All that changed when they expanded their online range to include plus sizes. I can't go shop in the store and I really wish I could, but I'm hoping sooner than later that will change. For now, I am perfectly happy shopping online and having clothes dropped on my doorstep! I have found that the sizing for Loft is true, if not generous. And, for many items, you can find a style in both misses and plus - that's what I included here. There's just something about being able to buy something you see on someone, no matter what size, and knowing you can have it too, if you like it. Nervous about Loft pricing? Don't be. They run incredible sales on the regular. I don't think I've ever paid regular retail for anything. (Images taken from

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And there you have it! Four places I shop on a regular basis that serve women of ALL shapes and sizes and make it easy to shop on a budget. Every item is linked for you if you want to grab any of these pieces! I hope this was helpful and answered the questions I am often asked about where I shop - as always, feel free to drop a comment and ask questions. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I've never been crazy about JCP, but am a recent convert to Target! Their new brands and complete overhaul of their apparel over the last few years has really stepped up their game.

    1. I love that going to Target is now basically like going to a department store! The prices are still great, but everything is so elevated.

  2. Hey Jenny! These are my kind of stores and I LOVE your picks!!! Great roundup! :) xo Jana |

    1. Thanks so much for reading! I think a love for Target unites just about all of us. xo

  3. This was such a good post! I love shopping at most of these stores, but haven't checked out JCP. I definitely will need to stop in!

    1. Thank you so much, Jocelyn! I'm so glad you enjoyed. JCP really flies under the radar but I find so many gems there!