Monday, June 29, 2020

Plus Size Styling with Dia & Co!

Hello, friends! I hope you're doing well and staying safe.

I was recently asked to partner with Dia & Co. as a Brand Ambassador which is really exciting and fun! In this post I'm sharing some looks I created with Dia items and telling you all about the ways you can shop with them! My Dia items were gifted to me and the link I provide is an affiliate link. If you use my link, I may make a small commission at no extra cost to you.

So, what is Dia & Co.? It's a subscription service for plus size clothing! The process to get started is truly as easy as 1, 2, 3. All you have to do is take a quick style quiz, then your designated stylist will start curating a box just for you. The box comes right to your door and you can try on everything in the comfort of your home. Keep what you love, send back what you don't. That's it! If you do keep items from your box, your $20 styling fee is applied to the total. You also receive a 25% discount when you keep all 5 items from the box. If you're all set in the casual or professional department, you can choose an active wear box instead. Let's face it - these days, no one knows what you're wearing from the waist down in your Zoom meeting so leggings really can be office wear! 

I know you might be wondering about sending back clothing during a pandemic. I was, too! I went straight to Dia and they were happy to give me the details on how they clean and sanitize everything. You can read more about that right HERE

So maybe subscription boxes sound fun, but you'd like to give some input on what you receive. Or maybe you saw something on your fave influencer and want to make sure it ends up in your style box. Or, maybe you don't want a style box at all! That's totally cool. Dia and Co. now offers the ability to shop straight from their inventory any time you'd like. You can also choose up to 3 pieces for your style box. There have never been so many ways to get your shopping fix from the comfort of your couch! 

When I'm shopping with Dia, I like to look for pieces that I know I can either wear as a stand alone over and over again, or as a piece I can mix and match over and over again. If you know you have a special occasion coming up or if you're trying to fill a very specific need in your wardrobe, you can pass that on to your stylist and they can build your box with those things in mind. How cool is that? 

Seeing is believing, right? Let's get into how I styled a couple of my favorite items!

As soon as I saw this dress, I knew it was going in my cart! This is a perfect example of what I would choose as a stand-alone piece. You can just throw it on and go! Come fall, I would trade the straw hat out for a felt one and add ankle booties. It would also look super cute with a denim jacket or cardigan, but they aren't necessary. That's why a stand-alone dress like this is so great to have in your closet. 

This tee was something I chose because of all the ways it can be mixed and matched with items in my wardrobe. It's a simple white tee but the fun heart detail makes it special. I loved it tucked into this skirt but it could be worn with jeans, joggers, under a dress, the sky is the limit! It's perfect to dress up or dress down and it would be darling under any kind of jacket or cardigan. This one shirt can be worn tons of ways, and that always makes an item a strong contender when I'm deciding whether or not to buy. 

 *Due to Dia's ever-changing, fresh inventory, these specific items may no longer be available or sizes may be limited.*

Again, if you want to check Dia and Co. out and let them style you, all you have to do is click HERE to get started. It is an affiliate link as I mentioned above, and if you choose to use it, thank you times a million! I truly love working with Dia and they are a brand I feel good about recommending to all of you. Have you already tried Dia? Let me know if they are new to you or if you've signed up for a style box before! Please feel free to ask any questions you have as well. I'm here to help!

Until next time, be well and stay safe!

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

White Denim Styled 3 Ways

Hello, friends! 

I hope you're doing well and staying healthy. 

Today I'm bringing you white denim styled 3 ways. If you are plus size, you've probably read or even been told by someone that "black is slimming" and to avoid white or light colors because they make you look larger. Listen. The only rule you need to follow when it comes to color? Wear the ones that make you happiest. 

A wider leg for denim has come back around in popularity so I decided to give it a shot in white, and I love it! White denim can be more difficult to work with because it shows so much, so you might have to try several options before you find one that works for you. But gosh, when you do find a pair you love.....the options for styling are endless! 

Just a note: normally I would try to link to as many things as possible for you, but a lot of these items are either sold out or have been in my closet for a long time. I would love for this post to be more about style inspiration and trying something new than the actual items themselves. 

WHITE ON WHITE. Number one, wearing white from head to toe feels like you're just asking the universe to slap you with red paint or melted chocolate. Number two, if you've been told your whole life you should never wear all white, it feels like you're breaking a societal rule, yes? But when you get past all that, white on white feels so fresh and bright. It's a total mood booster. Here are my top 3 tips for wearing white on white:

  • Comfort is key. It's cool to try something new, but do it in clothes that are easy to wear, and don't have fit issues. If dresses are your thing, do that instead of pants and a top. If you hate dresses, do pants. You're not going to have fun with it if you force yourself to wear something you're not comfortable in or you have to keep adjusting.
  • Think about shape. I went with wide leg jeans and a flowy top so I added wedges to give myself some extra height and create a long line from head to toe. If you're going to wear white on white, thinking about choosing shapes and silhouettes that work for you. 
  • CONFIDENCE. You have the right to wear any color, any time, no matter what body you're in. That's the truth. Whatever you put on, wear it with pride.

PRETTY PEPLUM. During spring and summer, nothing goes better with white than gorgeous pastels. One of my favorite style of tops, ever in the history of clothing, is a peplum top. This is a really relaxed peplum from Chic Soul in one of my current color obsessions - lavender. The great thing about white denim is you can put virtually any color with it and it will look fabulous. Here are some ways to pull it all together:
  • Have fun with accessories. I just happened to have Kendra Scott earrings in the same shade as my top, so I grabbed them and added a colorful necklace. This is a simple, no-fuss silhouette, so you can really go all out with accessories and take the look many different directions. You could add hair accessories, bags, hats - endless options!
  • Keep the shoes light and bright. A classic black shoe is a closet staple, but I wouldn't recommend it for this look. Keep it super fresh by going with white or nude, or even a metallic. A wedge or espadrille is perfect with this look!
  • Change up the color or pattern of your peplum top. One of my all time favorite color combos is black and white. It always looks effortless and chic. This look would still be just as amazing if you traded the pastel peplum for classic black. You could even do a peplum in a print as well. Floral, leopard, stripes, gingham - the beauty of white denim is it goes with everything!

BOHO BEAUTY. I think I have always had a tendency to lean towards more classic, or even a bit preppy/feminine fashion. Lately though, I have really loved dipping my toes in a more boho type of style. I love fashion and I love trying new things - different is fun. When I got these white jeans I knew I would style them so many ways, but I think this laid back, boho look might be my favorite of the bunch. Obviously I can't go to any concerts or festivals right now, but when the time is right, I have the perfect outfit! Here are my best tips on creating a boho vibe:
  • Have fun with texture. This outfit has lace, cork, rattan, tassels, and even my shirt is a crinkled material. Boho style, whether clothing or in home decor, often has a lot of texture from different textiles.
  • Relax, man. No seriously, relaxed is the name of the game with boho style. Save tailored blazers and button downs for a different day. Go with easy, breezy silhouettes. I left an extra button open so you could get a peek of my bralette. You could do this with a tank instead if you need more coverage. 
  • Don't worry about being too matchy. Bohemian looks can be bright or soft, but overall, there's no need to worry about whether colors are exact. 
  • Wide brim hats are where it's at. You certainly don't have to wear a hat, but if you do, make it a wide brim whether it's in felt, wool, or straw.

So there you have it, my best tips and tricks for styling white denim, and even rocking head to toe white! If you've been told all you can wear is black because you have curves, the time to break free from the myth is NOW! However.....the bottom line? You have the right to wear any color you want. You have the right to not wear a color if you don't want to. Fashion should be fun and it should make you feel good. If you've always wanted to try white denim, I hope this gives you a nudge in that direction! I also think it's really important to honor your comfort zone. Don't wear white denim just because me or another blogger tells you to. 

If you're already rocking white, let me know your favorite way to wear it. Is there a curvy white denim brand I should know about? Let me know your recommendations and suggestions. 

Until next time - be well, stay safe, and I'll talk to you soon!

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Skincare Faves UNDER $20

Hi, friends. How's everyone doing? 

I haven't written a blog post in quite a while. Working from home has been busy, and projects on Instagram have been busy. But I think we all know, the universe has forced us to slow down and do things differently. I want to keep creating content and even create distractions for you to enjoy, but I also want to be mindful of what's going on in the world. Since we can't exactly go out and shop or have brunch or just do what we do.....I'm hoping I can share some things that will make life in quarantine a bit brighter, and share some things to look forward to when it's over. 

It's safe to say a lot of us won't be wearing makeup quite as often as we once did. That makes it a great time to switch our focus to skincare. I'm a firm believer that you can find great skincare products in a wide range of price points. Some things I'm willing to pay more for if I need to, but I love finding a hidden gem that's affordable! Today I'm sharing some of my favorite skincare items that are all under $20! I will share links, and they are affiliate so please know if you purchase I will make a small commission, but there is no extra cost to you. 

Here's a look at everything on the list, and I'll break it all down for you below! For reference, I am in my late 30s and I have combination skin. Most of these products are recommended for all skin types, but if you have any extreme skin issues or concerns, definitely read up on them before trying!

(You can click on the underlined title of the item below to shop the link.)

1. Caudalie Grape Water. This product is the giver of life, y'all. Trust me when I say, I was really skeptical about paying for a can of water. It flies in the face of practicality, right? It is so soothing, refreshing, and instantly makes your skin feel calmed. It helps redness and skin irritation almost immediately. You can use it in place of a toner, or you can spray it on immediately after toner. One of my favorite ways to use it is by spraying on a heavy layer and then going in with a facial oil. Heavenly. 

2. Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel. I have used this cleanser almost exclusively for the last few years. I love it because it leaves my skin feeling clean but it doesn't make it feel dried out. I truly think this is a cleanser most skin types could use because it doesn't strip your skin, it just gets all the junk off of it, and that's exactly what I want my cleanser to do. The best part? An 8 oz. bottle is under $15! 

3. Sdara Rose Quartz Facial Roller. I always wanted one of these. Is it because it's just pink and pretty? Maybe. But once I actually had it in my hands, it became a game changer for my skin. This was sent to me by Sdara Skincare, and as I have continued to work with them, I am impressed with their products and their service. I love to use this as my very last skincare step and really work everything I've just applied into my skin. Using a roller can give you a lot of the same benefits as facial massage. I credit this with the decrease of puffiness under my eyes, and an overall smoother, brighter complexion. And, if you pop it in the fridge for a bit, 

4. Mario Badescu Witch Hazel and Lavender Toner. I don't know about you, but when I was in junior high, I liked to slather my face with Sea Breeze Astringent and I was convinced the burning feeling meant it was doing something effective! Yikes. I have now come to realize burning isn't always good. Haha! This toner is really gentle and never burns my skin. I feel like it gets everything super clean before I start going in with any serums or moisturizers. I use it after my cleanser, before I spray the Caudalie Grape Water. Bonus: the lavender smells amazing, but it also comes in other scents!

5. Shiseido Facial Cotton. This is such a simple thing, but I'm not kidding when I tell you it has thousands of 5 star reviews across multiple retailers. Can you get a bag of cotton balls much cheaper? Yes. But I stopped using cotton balls or even round cotton pads a long time ago. They not only fall apart and leave fibers everywhere, you have to use twice as many to get the job done. These are a little luxury and once you use them, you'll see why. Promise!

6. Sdara Hydrating Sheet Mask. Sheet masks have grown in popularity and I love them because I am L A Z Y. You pop it on, take it right off, and there's nothing you have to scrub or peel off your skin. I have combination skin so I am always careful about anything with hydration for fear of breakouts - this sheet mask was awesome. No breakouts, just plump, hydrated skin! 

7. Freeman Feeling Beautiful Sweet Tea and Lemon Clay Mask. When you have time to do a peel off mask, this one is my favorite. You can get a huge 6 oz tube for under $5! This is my go-to when I have any breakouts. I'll do the mask at night before bed and I swear the next morning any blemishes or irritated areas are smaller, less red, and just overall look and feel better. For the price and the result, it absolutely cannot be beat!

8. Clinique Take the Day Off Makeup Remover. This is not the cheapest product on the market, but it works really well. I frequently use waterproof and long-wear formulas on my eyes and lips and I never want to have to tug or scrub on those delicate areas. This is another tried and true product that thousands of people swear by, and I just happen to be one of them. Because it works so well, you don't have to use tons of it, so it does last a pretty long time. That makes it worth the price to me! 

Definitely check out more products from Sdara right HERE. I have been working with them for several months and enjoyed every product I've tried so far. They have a new mineral sunscreen that's really awesome because it's free of nasty ingredients and made with our planet and your health in mind. It's also not greasy which is a deal breaker for me when it comes to putting sunscreen on my face! *This post is not sponsored by them, but they are a small business and I genuinely enjoy their products*

I hope this post is helpful and that you find a little something new to add to your skincare routine. I know we are all at different places in life right now, and none of it is easy, but if skincare is something you're focusing on right now as a way to practice self-care, I think you'll enjoy these products. What are the best inexpensive products you've tried? Let me know what I need to add to my skincare arsenal, and don't forget to follow me on Instagram for more fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content! 

Take care, stay safe, be well.