Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Amazon Baby Finds + Shower Details

When I had my first baby, the retail landscape looked a lot different. Babies R Us was still open and was a popular one stop shop for all things baby. They have since gone out of business and Amazon has anything and everything you could ever need - baby or no baby! Now that we're all shopping with Amazon Prime, it doesn't matter if you need to have diapers dropped at your door or if you're creating a registry - anything you could possibly want is available in one click. It's pretty freaking awesome. Of course you run the risk of not being able to see a product up close and personal before you order, but Amazon returns are super easy and reviews make it simple to do your homework beforehand. Even though it's usually all grown up fashion and beauty around here, I wanted to share some of the cutest baby finds Amazon has to offer and some fun details from my shower! (Please note this post contains affiliate links. This post is not sponsored by Amazon, but it would be cool if it was!)
1. Unicorn Robe | 2. Lash Jammies | 3. Striped Diaper Bag | 4. Striped Carseat Cover | 5. Floral Moccasins
6. Unicorn Teether | 7. Latte Teether | 8. Headbands | 9. Bibs | 10. Burp Cloths | 11. Little Sister Jammies
Seriously, how cute are these things?! I was so surprised at the selection of darling outfits and fun accessories. They look like anything you would find in a boutique and now that I've seen them all in person, I'm more than impressed with the entire Amazon experience. The best part is you can still find practical things like diapers right alongside all this girly, unicorn awesomeness. You can click on any of the underlined items in the caption above to go straight to Amazon and add to cart!

My best friend was nice enough to open her home for the shower and the theme was centered around every pregnant gal's fave - tacos! Honestly, is there anything better? Give me queso and and cake and I'm a happy girl. I loved all the bright colors and the food was so yummy. The gorgeous cake was homemade by my best friend's sister and so much better than anything you'll find in a bakery, and those precious cookies with the baby's name were made by my sorority sister. Every detail was perfect, and no one loved it more than my sweet 6 year old who is so excited to be big sis!

When it came to something to wear, I really wasn't sure what I would find. I am obviously plus size, baby is getting BIG, and I'm just a few weeks away from having her. At the end of pregnancy, it gets a whole lot harder to find things that fit and don't make you feel like you're just wearing a tent, and that's often the case no matter if you're plus size or not. I tried a couple different options I didn't love, and then I stumbled across this dress that was a new arrival at one of my fave boutiques, Kervology. I work with Kervology on social media sometimes, but I would shop with them no matter what because they have things you don't see everywhere, and the owner, Lindsay, is truly dedicated to finding clothes that fit plus size women. This dress is currently sold out but will be available again in April 2019! Be sure to follow me over on Instagram to stay up to date on current faves from Kervology!

I've never really talked about it here on the blog, but we lost a baby last fall. When that happened, I wasn't sure if I wanted to try again. I had so many doubts and fears. "Maybe I'm too old to have another baby. Maybe I don't deserve to have another baby." I was in my last year of grad school when it happened and the stress I was experiencing in some of my classes was so intense, I thought maybe I caused it. But after some time to heal mentally and physically, I was ready to open myself to the possibility again. It took a lot longer to get pregnant this time. I was nervous it may not happen at all, that maybe something in my body had gone very wrong after the miscarriage. And when I did get pregnant again, I was scared of another loss. So much so, it was hard to be excited at first. Now we're about to enter the 35th week with our c-section scheduled for week 37. I still have some worries but more than anything I'm just so excited for our girl to be a big sister and for all of us to see this baby's sweet little face. The wait is almost over, and I'm ready to start our chapter as a family of 4. This blessing is one I do not take for granted, and I'm looking forward to being a #girlmom of two! 

Talk to you soon, friends!

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Triple Your Style: 3 Ways to Wear a Camo Tee

If it seems like you've been seeing camo clothing pop up everywhere lately, that's because you have! I would say camo has been present in mainstream fashion for quite a while, but it definitely seems like it's experiencing a hardcore moment of popularity and I am 100% here for it. Why? I consider the olive green tones in camo to be a neutral which means it's versatile - plus it's just a fun pattern to play with! It pairs really well with things like stripes and leopard, but it also looks awesome with unexpected pairings like pastel pink or vivid brights. 

I already own a few camo items that I wear on a pretty regular basis, most notably a camo utility jacket that I never want to be without. However, if you're new to wearing the print or you don't want to invest in a piece like a jacket, the most simple option that will give you the most bang for your buck is a camo tee. The idea for this post was actually inspired by a recent purchase of a new camo tee I scored for less than $10 in one of my favorite secret fashion spots - the MEN'S department at Walmart! The George brand at Walmart does some really fun items for men and I have zero shame about snapping them up when I think they'll work for me. This tee is available in stores and online but I anticipate it will sell out pretty fast both places. If you don't have time to go look, go check it out online HERE. 
(On a side note, if you happen to see the flamingo print they did this shirt in as well, just know I have that bad boy too, and it will be making an appearance soon!)
*Post contains affiliate links. I may make a small commission at no additional cost to you.*

I wanted to show you a few simple, fun ways to style a tee like this. Whether you plan to go grab this great deal from Walmart or you already have one of these tees in your closet, odds are you already own tons of great things you can pair it with. That's the beauty of getting a great deal on a fun trend like this one - no need to spend a lot on it, and no need to buy other things to go with it. Let's get into the details - I will link everything I can or a similar version for you!

Even if your style is a little more glam, you can still do camo! Add some pops of pink and sparkly, fun jewelry and you're all set. If your style is ultimately feminine or girly, I bet there's a fun statement necklace sitting in your jewelry box right now and a pretty pink cardi, jacket, or layering piece you can throw over it. Easy peasy!

Cardigan (similar) | Earrings (similar) | Necklace (similar) | Booties (similar) | Jeans (similar)

The beauty of a piece like this is its ability to make an outfit instantly feel just a little more special than say, a plain white tee. I mean, we love a good white tee moment, but a fun print just elevates an outfit without even having to try. This look is perfect for going out to run errands, hauling your kiddo(s) to a birthday party, or just meeting friends for coffee. I paired it with my favorite $10 black joggers also from Walmart and the hardest working gal in fashion - the denim jacket. Cute sneaks, minimal jewelry, and boom - effortless, casual, chic. You could also sub black leggings or black denim!

Joggers | Leopard bag (similar) | Shoes (similar) | Denim Jacket | Necklace | Earrings (similar)

I think this is one of the most universally flattering ways to style this tee because it's definitely casual, but a bit more dressed up than the look above. There are also an unlimited number of little tweaks or changes you could do to make this work for every season - trade a lightweight cardi or vest for a neutral colored coat or chunky knit cardi in the winter, or swap out regular denim and ankle boots for white denim and sandals in the summer. The key is neutral colors, interesting textures, and letting the camo print do the talking!
Booties | Crossbody (similar) | Necklace | Sweater Vest (similar)
No matter how you wear it, this tee is so inexpensive and versatile. If you have any interest in trying the camo trend at all, I can't recommend it enough. Since it is a men's cut, you may want to size down of course, but I love that it has a slightly oversized fit. For the price, you just can't beat it! Are you currently wearing camo? If so, how are you wearing it? I hope this gives you some inspiration and gets you thinking about creative ways to style pieces in your closet. Happy shopping!
Friday, February 1, 2019

Should You Get Eyelash Extensions?

Today I thought I would dive into something I've gotten a lot of questions about recently - my eyelash extensions. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know eyelashes are kind of a big deal to me. And by kind of, I mean totally. I even have an entire blog post about how to get amazing lashes WITHOUT extensions here.

So why the switch to extensions? Well, I've got this baby in my belly and lash growth serum is one of those things you can't really be sure about using while pregnant. So rather than take any chances, I put my serum down and slowly backed away. I was able to keep them looking good for a few months by putting my favorite face oil on them each night which kept them soft and hydrated. Plus that oil is just magic. You can read more about it here. Eventually though, I was like Cinderella at midnight and my carriage turned back into a pumpkin and my lashes were real, real sad.

Image from Pinterest

I'm sure my husband was more than a little tired of me whining about my lashes because back in December I found a great special on lash extensions and he told me to snag it while it was so affordable. I told him it could be a Christmas present because let's be honest - lashes are life, but they aren't really a necessity. So I booked my spot for right after Christmas and counted down the days!

The end result was awesome. I now understand what all the fuss is about. I've had my first couple of fills and they went really well, too. Will I keep them forever? I have no idea. I'm having a baby soon and when that happens, who knows what time and money will allow for. But for now, they are so nice to have and I'm glad I decided to give it a try. Here's my before and after. Pretty incredible transformation if you ask me!


It doesn't hurt, but it does feel awkward at first.

To keep your bottom lashes from getting in the way, they are covered with pads or gauze and that is taped in place under your eyes (you can see it in the photos above). Your eyes are closed the whole time, but you're going to sense movement coming toward your eye, which may make you jumpy at first. The bottom line is you have sharp objects near your eyes, people getting in close contact with parts of your eye someone else would never usually touch, and we all have a natural tendency to want to prevent things from getting in our eyes rather than welcoming them in. So for those reasons, it feels strange at first - but it's absolutely not painful whatsoever. Don't be scared!

They are absolutely a time and money commitment

Your initial set of lashes does not last indefinitely. As your real lashes shed, so do your fake ones. That means you must continue to get them filled, just as you would with nails or getting your roots touched up. Fills are done every 2-3 weeks. If you go past a certain window of time, you're looking at potentially paying for another full set, so it's important to be ready to commit to keeping up with them. Your first visit is the longest because your lash tech is starting from scratch. Once you have them on, fills are really quick. 

You may have to change up products or how you apply them.

Lash extensions are applied with a specific kind of glue. That glue is really strong and durable, but it can't stand up to things like oil or hot steam. So my beloved face oil? It doesn't go anywhere near my eyes anymore. Your lash tech will give you specific care instructions, but just know anything with oil can't come near your eyes. And for 24 hours after a full set or fill, you can't get your face wet so don't plan to go swimming the day after a lash fill. And at this point, you might be asking yourself why people get lash extensions when it seems to come with a big list of stuff you can't do.....

Well, you wake up every morning looking like you have makeup on. You don't need a lash curler or primer or any mascara whatsoever. You can scale back your makeup routine and save time. And you know that moment when you just applied mascara and it hasn't dried yet and all of a sudden you have to sneeze like no one has ever had to sneeze before? Yeah, you know the one. You're already running late and your full face of makeup is on and you're starting to sweat and now there's a big, black smudge under your eye and you just know the universe hates your guts? There's no more of that. Ever. 

If you're local to me, I really do recommend my lash studio, Lash Addiction. It's a private suite with two awesome ladies and they take day and evening appointments which is so nice. You can check out their Facebook page here

Do you have lash extensions? Let me know what you think about them! Please also feel free to ask any additional questions and I'll tell you what I know! Thanks for reading and I'll talk to you soon!