Friday, August 10, 2018

4 Places You Should Be Shopping

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is where I find my clothes and where I shop. This question would be hard to answer as a comment on Instagram, so I'm doing a whole post dedicated to 4 places I shop (aside from Walmart) - and you should, too!
JCPenney. This is not your grandma's department store, y'all. Well, if it is, give Nana some props because odds are she looks fly. For years I never shopped JCP. It was just a store I walked through to get to the rest of the mall. Consider me completely reformed. JCP is full of on-trend clothing, shoes, and accessories in a range of sizes at great prices. Even better? I rarely, if ever, pay full price for anything. Sales and coupons happen often. If you're a cardholder, there are tons of deals and rewards you can use to save even more. If you're not, just google "JCPenney coupons" while you're standing in line and I promise, something will pop up. Check out these pieces currently on the website that I love - at the time I was working on this post, all of these were on sale and under $20 with all applicable discounts and coupons! (Images taken  from

Click below for a direct link to each item online:

Target. I mean honestly, who isn't in a serious relationship with that red bullseye? Target is a place where good intentions and household budgets go to die, but I say YOLO. You need those sandals, lounge pants, tank tops, and Dollar Spot coffee mugs, girl. You really do. Shopping for clothes here is a no-brainer. In particular, their plus size offerings have drastically improved. The launch of new brands and attention to inclusive fashion are a breath of fresh air. Here are three dresses on my current wish list (plus some coordinating accessories) and it makes me incredibly happy that every dress is available in plus and misses sizes. That is a BIG deal, y'all. It shouldn't be the exception, but since it is, let's applaud Target for making huge strides in fashion for ALL. (Images taken from

Click below for a direct link to each item online:

Old Navy. I have to put them on this list because I shop here frequently, but I can admit sometimes I get frustrated with Old Navy. It seems like their plus size items are always a bit more expensive than their misses items. But I'm willing to accept it because they have so many things to choose from and always have a mix of classic pieces and whatever is of-the-moment. Despite any price irritations, you can always count on Old Navy to have great sales so there are definitely bargains to be found no matter your size. Here's a little tip if you have size 11 ski boats for feet like me - the website has most shoes in 11 even though the store only carries up to a 10! (Images taken from

Click below for a direct link to each item online:
Plus camo jacket
Plus suede moto jacket
Plus denim jacket
Plus tassel tie swing top
Plus polka dot tie top
Prosecco and Pizza tee
Blush bow wedges
Leopard driving loafters
Black mule
Mustard flats
Blush sneakers
Brown leather tote
Mauve saddle bag
Mustard yellow crossbody bag
Olive leather strap tote

Loft. It wasn't long ago that I couldn't even entertain the idea of shopping at Loft even though I think their clothes are fabulous. They just didn't carry my size. All that changed when they expanded their online range to include plus sizes. I can't go shop in the store and I really wish I could, but I'm hoping sooner than later that will change. For now, I am perfectly happy shopping online and having clothes dropped on my doorstep! I have found that the sizing for Loft is true, if not generous. And, for many items, you can find a style in both misses and plus - that's what I included here. There's just something about being able to buy something you see on someone, no matter what size, and knowing you can have it too, if you like it. Nervous about Loft pricing? Don't be. They run incredible sales on the regular. I don't think I've ever paid regular retail for anything. (Images taken from

Click below for a direct link to each item online:

And there you have it! Four places I shop on a regular basis that serve women of ALL shapes and sizes and make it easy to shop on a budget. Every item is linked for you if you want to grab any of these pieces! I hope this was helpful and answered the questions I am often asked about where I shop - as always, feel free to drop a comment and ask questions. Thanks for stopping by!

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Monday, July 30, 2018

Best Life, Best Lashes - No Extensions or Falsies!

Those who know me well, know that I am obsessed with having BIG, gorgeous *borderline obnoxious* eyelashes. It's just my thing. (Tammy Faye, I love ya.) What I'm NOT obsessed with? Trying to find the time or patience to glue anything to my eye, or the money to consistently let someone come at my eye area every few weeks with sharp objects. This means I have had to find ways to take matters into my own hands. I would venture to say one of the questions I am asked the most, especially when I'm out in person, is if my eyelashes are natural and how I got them to look the way they do. Here's a couple of photos to illustrate what I'm talking about:

Let me be clear - God did NOT give me the lashes you see in these pictures. But, these are my natural lashes. No extensions, no falsies. So how do I do it? I've found an amazing mix of products that do.their.job. And now, I'm going to share all of my lash secrets, tips, and ride or die products with YOU. Because everyone deserves to live their full lash fantasy, right? Right.

It all starts with a lash growth serum. The problem with most serums is that they are freaking expensive. Even if they last a long time, it's hard to convince me to pay that much for something so small. I gotcha covered, though. NutraLuxe Lash MD is where the magic starts and it's far less expensive than many other serums out there (usually under $50). When you first start using it, you may experience a little irritation but it goes away. Pro tip - wipe the excess off the wand. Do thinner layers rather than going in hard. You'll thank me later.

Once you've got those babies growing like bad weeds, you can't leave the house without curling them up to the heavens. I know some were blessed with lashes that are naturally curled to perfection, but for the rest of us, a good curler is a must. I've tried several curlers over the years and the one that I continue to love and can always find in stock when I need it, is the Shiseido Lash Curler (I'm linking to Ulta because I don't want you missing out on your rewards points, friends).

The next secret weapon in my arsenal is one that I only started using within the last 6 months or so, but it has made a world of difference. If they ever stop making it, I'll cry. I'm talking about Estee Lauder's Little Black Primer. What the hell is it? Well, it's exactly what it says it is. You know how most primers are white? For me that always equals gray, clumpy lashes. This is the same concept but the formula is so much better and it's black, just like mascara, so no crazy looking gray lashes EVER again. I apply it right after I curl my lashes and I'm never without it!

Next up, mascara. There are few things as satisfying as finding a damn good mascara. I've tried many over the years and to be honest, I'll probably never be 100% loyal to just one because I love trying new ones. Even so, I do have some current favorites and they have been my jam for quite some time now. I'm going to link to my drugstore faves and my high end faves. If you've never treated yourself to a high end mascara, I suggest you do it sometime. It's called self care, and it's completely justified. In the meantime though, my drugstore picks are still amazing. Promise. 
Pro tip #1: I use waterproof 99% of the time. I have allergies and weepy eyes so it helps with that, plus waterproof mascara actually holds a curl far better than regular formulas. #science
Pro tip #2: I always use two mascaras. One for length, one for volume. Is it extra AF? Probably, but it works. 

Drugstore formula for length: Cover Girl The Super Sizer
Drugstore formula for volume: L'Oreal Lash Paradise
High end formula for length: Lancome Definicils High Definition
High end formula for volume: Too Faced Better Than Sex

So now your lashes are poppin', you're living your best life, and even Beyonce herself could get lost in your eyes. But you can't go to bed with all of that on, Cinderella. The clock will strike twelve, your carriage will become a pumpkin, and your eyes will get an infection or at the very least, become irritated. When it's time to take off lashes and lips, I love my Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm. It does a really nice job of melting down waterproof or longwear makeup of any kind, and this tub will last you 

So, there you have it. All my secret weapons are yours for the taking! I have been using these products for years now and they never fail me. If you decide to try them, let me know! I'd love to hear what you think. Are you a fan of big, fat lashes? Let me know if you have a product I should try!

(This post contains affiliate links. Although I may make a small commission, there is no additional cost to you.)

Saturday, July 28, 2018

5 Tips for Finding Walmart Gems

Say it with me: WALMART IS AMAZING.
Not on a Saturday afternoon for getting groceries. No, that's actually the worst thing I can think of in the entire world. That is just asking to run into someone you haven't seen since high school when you haven't washed your hair in 3 days, you're up 10 pounds, and your kid is talking to you like they're the leader of a prison gang and not your sweet, sweet angel baby. Am I right? 

Walmart is amazing when you have a few minutes to yourself to run in, kid free, either early in the morning or late in the evening when the crowds are gone. And among the aisles, if you're paying attention, you will find absolute fashion gems. Know how I know? Because I shop at Walmart for clothing, shoes and accessories like it's my job. If you've been following me on Instagram for a while, then you already know some of my most popular posts are #walmartfinds. I'm often asked how I find good deals there, how I'm always scoring the newest stuff and where I find it. Today I'm sharing my top 5 tips for shopping Walmart like a boss and elevating your style game on a budget. Here's what I'm talking about - these are things I've recently purchased and can't say enough good things about!

This ruffled peplum is almost completely sold out online but you can still find it in store. Size 4/6 all the way up to size 22 for under $10. It's worth making a trip to the store!
These sweaters are really better to purchase in store because more sizes are available and they're not as picked over! These Terra and Sky jeans are plus size and the fit is amazing. Go find them in store and try them on (sold out online)! These leopard flats are under $6 and also not online but are in store.
These jeans are also Terra and Sky and sold out online but available in store. This cardi is online but in the store you'll find even more colors and a better selection!

Now, on to the really good stuff. Ready? Here we go!
  1. YOU HAVE TO BE AHEAD OF THE GAME. What do I mean by that? Right now it's the end of July and we're already seeing tons of fall styles. In fact, some of them are already selling out. It doesn't matter whether it's a couture design house or a mass retailer, the peak time for getting the newest seasonal items is before the season arrives. So if you want to wear darling sweaters in October, keep your eyes peeled in July.
  2. ONE WALMART ALONE WILL NOT SUFFICE. I don't know the method to the madness, but I do know for sure that not every single Walmart releases new items at the same time. I also know that you may never see certain items at one Walmart, while another is fully stocked. The truth is, I shop more than one Walmart. I have to drive 20-30 minutes in any direction to get to a Walmart, and there are 3 that I circulate on a regular basis. Just last week I was in one Walmart and found amazing sweaters that were definitely not at a different Walmart just a couple days earlier. You have to be in a committed relationship with more than one store. It's just how the game is played.
  3. SMALL TOWN WALMART = GOLD. Now, I have some friend who would argue with me on this one. If you're in a smaller town with one Walmart, I know it can feel like the bigger stores are getting all the good stuff and your Walmart sucks. But I'm telling you, one of my favorite Walmart locations is in a smaller town and it's a gold mine because when they do have amazing finds, they're not picked over. If  you're going to a Walmart in a major city right off the highway, expect that it might be slim pickins, just because more bodies go in and out of that location. It's science. 
  4. BECOME A BRAND EXPERT. I know the brands I love at Walmart. If it's Terra and Sky or Time and Tru, count me in. If it's No Boundaries, probably count me out. No Boundaries doesn't really cater to my size and the options aren't really my style so I just skip on those altogether. Why is this helpful? Because in the event you can't get to a store, it makes shopping Walmart online much, much easier. There can be tons and tons of images to sort through and knowing the brands that fit you best, helps you find exactly what you're looking for in a hurry.
  5. OTHER DEPARTMENTS ARE FULL OF TREASURES. Don't spend all your time in the women's clothing. You'll find the cutest hats, scarves, gloves, bags, shoes, and sunglasses for every season if you keep your eyes open. Walmart does little ballet flats year round in tons of seasonal colors and prints and they are always under $6. There are frequently designer sunglasses dupes for $10 and under that change all the time. And lastly, if you want a super cute graphic tee, head to the men's department ASAP. I've also recently found some super cute short sleeve hoodies in the men's section that my husband would never wear.....but Mama bought two. 
Y'all I tried so hard to find a link but I didn't see these anywhere online! They are in the men's section and the brand is George. They came in so many colors!

***An extra pro tip (or two) from me to you - Time and Tru has started carrying many items in regular and plus size, starting with a 4/6 and going all the way up to a 22/XXXL. On almost every item I have tried, the sizing on the plus items has been spot on. How cool is that?! And finally, shopping online can be hit or miss. Some items are just impossible to find or sell out way faster than they do in store. Just know if you can't find it online, that does NOT mean it's unavailable. Shop the stores and you'll probably find it.***

Are you a Walmart addict, too? What do you love to buy there? Have more questions about how to shop the Wally like a pro? Leave me a comment and I'll help however I can!